The Trayvax Trek Field Knife is made of Premium CPM S35VN Stainless Steel and is USA sourced and manufactured.

Premium CPM S35VN: The cream of the crop when it comes to stainless knife steels, this material will deliver inexhaustible performance across the board. Originally created as an improvement upon S30V, a alloy created through the collaboration of Crucible Industries and legendary custom knife maker Chris Reeve. S35VN can be found in use almost exclusively on premium knives and is considered one of the best stainless steel alloys for performance blades.  

This proprietary alloy blend lends itself well to a blade that is exceptionally hard, impossibly tough, and highly wear resistant all while being a breeze to sharpen. S35VN is a proven performer ensuring a knife that can be put through the wringer and retain an edge while being used and abused however your adventure calls for.